Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Short Story - QWERTYUIOP (Vivien Alcock)

       Vivien Alcock (1924 – 2003) was an author of childrens’ books. Born in Worthing, West Sussex, in England, her family moved to Devizes in Wiltshire when she was aged 10. She then studied at the Oxford School of Arts.
       She was married to author Leon Garfield, with whom she adopted a daughter, named Jane after Jane Austen. They met during World War II, when Vivien was an ambulance driver. Her first book was The Haunting of Cassie Palmer which was followed by The Monster Garden and others.

       Invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1875
       Name derived from the first six letters in the second row on English language computer and typewriter keyboards.
       He actually rearranged the typewriter keyboard so that the commonest letters were not so close together (from alphabetical order to qwerty!) .Thus they would not clash together and jam the machine.

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