Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Short Story - QWERTYUIOP by Vivien Alcock


1.             THEMES :

A)   The Struggle for Survival : Lucy would not give up her position as the secretary and struggles to overcome the problems she faces with the electric typewriter.

B)   Understanding  other people’s problems : Mr. Darke shows his understanding of the problem Lucy is facing and supports her by praising her bravery and providing her with a big bottle of correction fluid she would need to complete typing her letters.

C)   Compassion for other people : Lucy recognizes the feelings faced by Miss Broome and her Uncle Bert and shows her understanding and compassion towards them. Because of this Lucy manages to overcome the problems she has with both of them.

2.             MORAL VALUES :

A)   Be kind to others especially to those less fortunate : Lucy is both kind and sympathetic towards the ghost of Miss Broome and her Uncle Bert. She realizes that both these people feel rejected and lonely. Lucy shows her kindness by showing the ghost of Miss Broome that the reason why the company gave her a retirement is because they worry about her health.
She also gives assurance to Uncle Bert that she and her mother want him to live with them as part of their family.

B)   Work hard to gain success : Lucy is determine to be successful in her new job. Even though the ghost of Miss Broome interrupts her typing, she continues to type the letters although she has to stop regularly to correct the mistakes. In the end Lucy manages to complete a small number of letters which she leaves on Mr. Ross’s table.

C)   Be strong when faced by problems : Even though Lucy faces problems from the ghost of Miss Broome, she still remains strong. Even after realizing that she was fighting a ghost she decided to continue fighting and not let the ghost scares her away.