Wednesday, 21 December 2011

In The Midst of Hardship - Latiff Mohidin (The Poet's Background)

Form 4 poem.

Before we go in depth with the poem 'In The Midst of Hardship' we should know the poet background first!

* Born in 1941 in Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan.

*A charismatic and multi-talented person, being an accomplished artist, poet, writer and thinker.

* His first art exhibition was at the age of 10 in Singapore.

* He earned the titles of ‘boy wonder’ and ‘the magical boy with gift in his hands.’

*Latiff studied art in Berlin, Germany, as well as in France and America.

* He began publishing his poems in the 1960s.

*He captures the feelings elicited by natural environment in his art and poetry.

* Latiff’s sensitivity to lines, shapes and colours is evident in both his art and poetry.

*Held numerous exhibitions locally and abroad and has received numerous awards, both in Asia and Europe.

*His most recent written work is an anthology Sajak – Sajak Lengkap (1963-1994).

*His most recent artistic work, Latiff Mohidin: Journey to the Wetlands and Beyond is a detailed study of his drawing.

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