Thursday, 15 December 2011

Introduction to Short Story

Definitions of Aspects of Short Stories

What is a short story?

A short story is a continuous piece of writing. It is considered to be narrative. It is also a fictitious work of prose and represents real life, characters and actions.

The Aspects of a Short Story

A short story is similar to a novel in many aspects. The elements of a short story include:
a. Plot
b. Character
c. Setting
d. Theme
e. Moral values

a. What is Plot?
The plot is the sequence of events namely; the beginning, middle and end. You must also consider who the characters are, where they are, what they do, why, when the action takes place, and the significant aspects of the event.

b. What is Character?
Characters are people in the story. They may be major characters and minor characters. A major character undergoes changes in personality or he or she will act in a variety of situations. On the other hand, a minor character is not well developed and remains the same throughout the story. In a short story, the focus is on the central character on whom the story is based.

c. What is Setting?
The setting is the place and the time; “where” and “when” a story takes place in the novel.

d. What is Theme?
Theme is a general idea or what the story is about. It is also seen as the central idea running through the story.

e. What are Moral values?
Moral values are principles that convey important messages. We uphold certain principles to judge whether something is good or bad. We learn important lessons form short stories that teach us virtues and universal values.

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